Organic Chemistry Reactions

Organic Chemistry Programme

  • Organic chemistry is always a big hurdle for most of the students just because of its terminology which has mostly foreign words and Indian students are not too much familiar with them as ‘ortho’ ‘meta’ ‘para’.
  • Most of the students can not develop connectivity with the subject Organic chemistry.
  • Keeping this difficulty in mind our team developed an excellent memorization program for organic chemistry reactions. We are reminding that this is ‘Organic Chemistry reactions memorization Program’ with the help of the PLV method (Psychological Literary Visualisation) in which reactants, reagents, and products are characters and organic chemistry is a story of a film with a lot of humor and fun. Which’ll help students in the following ways.

1. Weak Students connect with the subject and enjoy learning Organic chemistry. They can be any reaction in few seconds.
2. Leanthy mechanisms become easy after memorising the reactions. They can all conversation easily in short steps.
3. Board syllabus have around 160 reactions and we cover around 400+ reactions which are helpful them in further preparation of competitive exams as IIT/NEET.

4. They can use our memorisation method in other subjects too.

  • This program will take three days 4 hrs/day and 3 days (total 12 hrs)
  • In view of the growing influence and the field of science, the Institute of Creation wants to conduct a special workshop of complete Organic Chemistry Reactions & Name Reactions more than 450 reactions (NCERT 11th & 12th course) Memorization in your Institution in 3 sessions of Four Four hours, i.e. in 3 days, according to I.Q. level of student minimum to minimum they will learn 50% to 60%, 60% to 85% & 85%-till 100% easily. This achievement has been achieved after 6 years of study and research on the organic chemistry of NEET/IIT standard make it easy for anyone to learn it within 12 hours normally. The basic methodology of this program is the PLV method.
  • First step: we will give a special seminar for 12th std/NEET/IIT students without any charge. The seminar duration is 30 minutes only.
  • Second step: If management had decided the date of the training

session then we will give 3 days training program.

  • Charges are decided after mutual concern.
  • Give us an opportunity to serve you.
  • We are sure this will give the best.
  • Thanks to the wishes of a bright future.