Say No to Addiction

Say No To Addiction

We studied latest reports of WHO and other Helthcare institutions and attended seminars and workshops organised by different NGOs and educational institutions and find that the poor health of children is biggest threat to the schools as well as families as well as society.Strange thing is that this is the age to grow up and the children are getting sick,tired,frustrated in this age and facing numerous issues of physical and mental health.

When we go through the root of this problem we found that unnatural lifestyle,addiction to social media,addiction to pornography,addiction to voilent video games,addiction to junk foods are the roots of these physical and pshychological problems.

When we studied more deeply we found a global conspiracy against the India and Africa who have maximum percentage poor and middle class population of the world.
To expose this conspiracy and propaganda of corporate,food companies and to make children and parents alert we have designed an eye opening lecture of two hours and half of an hour cordless questionare.

This extensive 2:30 hours session will explain the cause and effect of the different types of addiction such as

1. Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco
2. Porn and Voilent vedio game
3. Social Media
4. Food.

On our brain.

And will also discuss some simple solution of addiction in the light of new emerging concept inn neuroscience called neuroplasticity.
In this program we”ll also explain and expose the false propaganda ruunning on TV,Internet sponsored by food and liquor companies to make us addictive.

This session is helpful as well as nessesary for schools,societies and colleges.

8th onwards classes should attend this session.