Student Overall Development

Student Overall Development Programme

This programme is divided in four intensive pshychological activities sessions of 70 mins and will be conducted in four consecutive days at morning time in school play ground or in seminar hall.

1. UNIVERSTATICS – This session will explain the student that how he is an itegrated part of this infinite universe which is ,moving,growing and balnced and how some fundamentals of universe can be used to be balanced pshychologically, to be more self controlled and more focused.

2. MIND AND THOUGHTS – This is the session which will reveal the students the neuroscience of thought generation, strengthening the thought s,curing the beliefs.
And the activities will make them experience to manupulate the negative thoughts to possitive one.Using the power of thought to make his life according to there wish.

3. ART OF EFFLORESCE – Lack of expression is the biggest reason of all pshychological problems and an expressed personality is cure of all emotional scars.This session will reveal the powerfull secret of expression and the activites will open their hearts which is closed for years they will feel emotional freedom at the very moment of training acitivity.

4. UNIVERSAL LIFE STYLE – No pshychological session can replace this session as closing session.This session will reveal the teachings of lifestyle in nature.The leadership,the value of struggle in life,Acceptability, cooperation,hormony in individual identity.

All of the above sessions are practical and activity based.
For age group of 6th to 8th class the fee is 150/- per student.
For age group of 9th to 12th class the fee is 200/- per student.