The Creation Flag

The Creation Flag

(A school oriented program by Creation Institute)

The motive of this flagship program “The creation flag” is to refine the learning system of any educational institute. In today’s world of information technology each and every information is available on a single click of mouse but the ethics and moral values of society are going very low day by day. Indian holy books are suggesting a quote “विद्या ददाति विनयम” which has been disappeared from our current education trend. The objective of this quote has to be recovering to develop a ethical and humanitarian society. On the other hand schools and institutes play very crucial role to make and develop a society. A school is a place where children spent most of the time and they get to learn many positive values in life. Value based education shape their future and add purpose to their life. It helps them to learn the right way to live their life. A primary approach to quality learning where it teaches them to remain connected to their parents as well as to other community. It makes them learn how to deal with their day to day activities. Helps them to gain self responsibility for their behavior. The school is a model of the world so the goal of value-based education in school is to nourish the learners with moral values, virtues based on which their actions will reflect their behavior. So, by educating the children with value education, you are creating a better world for tomorrow to live in.

It consists following sessions-

1. One parenting Seminar,in the very beginning of the session –

  • This session include the lecture which’ll point out the Importance of parents mindset towards school and how it is related to their child  holistic development.
  • Discussion on values and Ethics and role of parents in developing or suppressing the values in child.
  • Pshychological considerations of parenting.

2. Three Sessions on values and ethics by expert,

  • First session will cover the topic emotional Intelligence .
  • Second Session social skills and communications. 
  • Third session Exam related stress and understanding the Fear Mechanism 
  • Fourth Session Understanding of life in the light of Gita teachings. Karma and Duty.
  • Fifth session Understanding the self in the light of Upnishad teachings.
  • Sixth  session understanding the Focus and attention .
  • Seventh Session Counciling skills for teachers.
  • Eighth session willpower and neuroplasticity.
  • Ninth session Decision making.
  • Tenth Evaluation of the above sessions and career counciling.

You can find the details of the above sessions in attached pdf file.